Matrix Business Concepts. A Nuclear Project Management Oversight Company PMO


Michael Currid, PMP, BSCE

Chief Executive Officer / Senior Program Manager

Mr. Currid is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Matrix Business Concepts (MBC). He has over 35 years experience in Project Management, Engineering and Project Controls, specializing in the nuclear power industry.  Mr. Currid has gained a reputation for ensuring successful project delivery throughout his career. In 2001, he founded Matrix Business Concepts and has instilled that same vision of oversight and quality throughout the company.  In 2017, MBC managed over $500 Million in EPC projects throughout the US. In 2018, MBC is expected to provide management to over $650 Million in EPC projects.

Matthew Currid, PMP

Director, Business Relations / Project Manager

​Mr. Currid graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA and earned his Project Management Certification through Syracuse University. He is a certified PMI Project Management Professional. He served 12 years active duty, US Naval Aviator. He is highly experienced with over 10 years of management; leading diverse teams in size from six to over 200. Twice deployed, he provided over 16 months of operational logistical support throughout the Pacific and Middle East. He has over 5,000 hours of project management work experience performed in 13 countries. Skilled in budgetary management, he spent 22 months directly responsible for cost scheduling and expenditure reporting estimating over $15M/year. 

Patricia Stewart, MSOL

Director, Employee Relations

Ms. Stewart holds a BA in Education from the University of Hartford as well as a Masters or Organizational Leadership and a Certificate in Human Resource Management.  Patricia has over 10 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and employee management.

Mark Floyd

Site Director, Grand Gulf Station

Mr. Floyd has more than 34 years of nuclear experience ranging from hands-on technical work through senior manager assignments. He has been heavily involved in maintenance, projects, and work management. Mark had been assigned to INPO as a Senior Maintenance and Work Management Evaluator with more than ten evaluation and assistance visits. He has also led Nuclear Fatigue Rule implementation across fleets of plants. Mark has performed regulatory recoveries as both a utility employee and as a consultant. 

Danny Raines

Site Director, Waterford 3 Station

Mr. Raines has over 38 years of nuclear commercial experience. His background includes roles in project management, planning, procedure writer, maintenance first line supervisor, maintenance superintendent, OCC maintenance manager, and training instructor. He was the OCC maintenance lead on multiple WF3 steam generator replacements as well as the Project Manager for the WF3 Fukushima project. Provided oversight for several strategic and major projects. Holds a degree in electrical engineering and INPO certified for first line supervisors. Spent 4 years in US nuclear navy aboard the submarine USS James Monroe.


Steve McLemore

Site Director, River Bend Station

Mr. McLemore has over 28 years’ experience in the Construction Industry including Nuclear Power, Conventional Power, and Medical.  He has worked in management roles as a Site Manager, Project Manager, and a General Manager of Projects.  Mr. McLemore has extensive experience in nuclear plant modifications and has managed, within the United States and overseas, multiple nuclear component replacement projects including steam generators, reactor heads, stators, feedwater heaters, core internals, and EPUs.

Terry Freeman

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Freeman has over 36 years of nuclear experience, with 25 of those in construction project management. He holds 6 fleetwide, peak performance awards as well as a Top Industry Practice award.  Mr. Freeman holds world class performance records in the following areas: PWR reactor coolant pump motor replacement, BWR reactor circulating pump motor replacement and BWR condenser retube projects.


Robert Harrell

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Harrell has over 32 years of experience in the construction and modification of projects in Nuclear power, conventional power, and co –generation power, Fossil Power Plant Construction, and many other industrial projects. Encompassing all phases of project management and implementation from construction to startup, system operation, and maintenance. This includes positions as: Project Manager, Contract manager, Installation manager, and Logistics manager.