​Condenser Replacement

  • $70M EPC

  • Staff of 36 Project Management personnel 

  • 0 OSHA Recordable Events 

  • 224k Project Implementation Man-Hours

  • Oversight of 20+ Vendors

Project Description:

The Waterford 3 (WF3) main condenser tubes are approaching the end of their serviceable life.  WF3 has a history of condenser tube leak issues due to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).  MIC causes aggressive pitting that ultimately results in through-wall tube leaks requiring the tubes to be plugged. Tubesheet to tube leaks have also been identified.  Tube leakage results in river water entering the Condensate System which reduces Steam Generator reliability, increases demineralizer resin usage, and results in emergent actions to isolate waterboxes and repair tube leaks several times a year.  These tube failures have required significant plant investment & effort to arrest/mitigate these issues. This project will replace all tubes in Main Condenser during RFO22 now scheduled for January of 2019. This includes Condenser Shells A, B, C. There are a total of six tube bundles; two per shell. Each bundle contains 9,243 tubes for a total of 55,458 tubes for the entire condenser.   The recommended and approved solution to address these issues is for the main condenser tubes to be replaced with tubes manufactured from MIC resistant material (i.e., SEA-CURE stainless steel).


Matrix Roles & Responsibilities:

Matrix is providing complete PMO Services; including Project Funding Acquisition, Project Management, Cost Control, Package Planning, Field Implementation Oversight, Safety Oversight, Rad Worker, Material Procurement, Logistics Planning, Rigging Planning & Oversight, Contract Management, PCRS, OCC & War Room.


Contract Structure:

PMO Contract competitively bid amongst 6 vendors.

Fixed Price with Performance Penalties and Incentives. 

Waterford 3  


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