​Fuel Oil Storage Tank Installation

  • Currently $1.5M under budget

  • $55M EPC

  • Staff of 22 Project Management personnel 

  • 0 OSHA Recordable Events 

  • 182k Projected Implementation Man-Hours

  • Estimated completion date of December, 2017

Project Description:

Currently the station is operating with a reduced capacity of EDG Fuel Oil Storage from the amount required by the operating license and governing standards. This places the EDG system in an Operable but Degraded or Non-conforming Condition (ODNC). The NRC does not accept indefinite ODNC conditions and expects the condition to be corrected promptly, though the condition has existed for more than ten years. The NRC recently issued a green violation to the station for untimely corrective action which requires the station to evaluate the

condition and take appropriate corrective actions. Failure to correct the condition could result in additional repeat violations, which could lead to enforcement actions based on escalating nuclear safety significance.  The objective of this project is to resolve the ODNC and to restore needed operating margin. Two (2) new 16,000-gallon safety-related tanks would be added to the existing EDG system, one (1) for each of the A & B EDGs. This will not only bring the station back into full compliance with its normal operating license and industry standards, but will provide much needed additional margin to the Emergency Diesel Generating safety system and reduce the risk of lost generation.


Matrix Roles & Responsibilities:

Matrix is providing complete PMO Services; including Project Funding Acquisition, Project Management, Cost Control, Package Planning, Field Implementation Oversight, Safety Oversight, Rad Worker, Material Procurement, Logistics Planning, Rigging Planning & Oversight, Contract Management, PCRS, OCC & War Room.


Contract Structure:

PMO Contract competitively bid amongst 6 vendors.

Fixed Price with Performance Penalties and Incentives. 

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