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At this stage in the interview process, MATRIX needs to determine if you are a good fit for our company and the project you are interviewing for. We need to confirm your skills and experiences are relevant to the job opportunity. And, more importantly, to assess if your character is consistent with the company culture at MATRIX. Our three objectives are:

  1. Can you do the job? 

  2. Will you do the job? 

  3. Are you a good fit for the job, MATRIX and our client?


Actively listen, effectively answer questions, accurately reveal your character and the value you can create for MATRIX. Your objective is to obtain a second interview and/or get offered a job.


  • Thoroughly review the job posting and associated responsibilities and be ready to align your military experience with the required skills.

  • Highlight your military skills, projects and
    accomplishments but avoid too many military acronyms. 

  • Be prepared to talk about all your skills including technical, interpersonal and leadership.

  • Verify with your current references that you may share their information.

  • Practice and have examples from your military and personal history that will support your responses and differentiate you from other candidates.



  • Most MATRIX interviews will be conducted virtually, so eliminate any distractions (e.g. cell phones, pets, etc.). Present a professional appearance. 

  • Actively listen to the questions being asked and provide effective answers.

  • Be positive about your past employers, jobs and your experience. 

  • Demonstrate that you can do the job by discussing your skills, knowledge, experience and accomplishments, learning potential, and the ability to handle all aspects of the job.

  • Demonstrate that you are willing to do the job by discussing your interest in the position, MATRIX, and the industry. Provide examples of your work ethic; and any outside factors that might affect your willingness or availability to do the job.

  • Demonstrate that you are a good fit for the job by sharing examples of your communication skills, values, work style, management style and general interests. 



  • It is critical to follow-up after an interview. It demonstrates that you are interested in the position, are proactive and reiterates why you're the ideal candidate.

  • Send a thank you to the interviewer(s). The format could be an email, a letter, handwritten or typed. It should express your interest in the job, thank the interviewer(s) for their time and provide any additional information that may have been missed during the interview but keep it brief. This thank you should be sent within 24 hours of your interview. 


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Bringing your leadership to

We hire passionate people ready to make an impact. 

With your your training, experience and perspective as a military veteran and service member, MATRIX will continue to deliver positive and reliable outcomes for our clients and communities. MATRIX is committed to supporting our veterans and we are proud that they represent 15 percent of our talented workforce.

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