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Ensuring project success from concept to delivery


  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Station  |  Port Gibson, MS

  • Arkansas Nuclear One  |  Russellville, AR

  • Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Station  |  Killona, LA

  • River Bend Station  |  St. Francisville, LA

  • Seabrook Station Power Plant  |  Seabrook, NH

  • Dairyland Power Cooperative  |  La Crosse, WI

  • Gavin Power Plant  |  Cheshire, OH

  • James A. FitzPatrick Power Plant  |  Oswego, NY

  • Savannah River Site  |  Aiken, SC

  • Turkey Point Generating Station  |  Homestead, FL


Recent projects we have completed for our clients,  ranging from full scope PMO to client staff augmentation

  • Steam Generator Feed Ring Modification

  • Dry Fuel Storage Campaign

  • Plant Paging System Upgrades

  • License Renewal Discovery

  • BRE Installation

  • Single Point Vulnerability Elimination

  • Radiological Waste Improvements

  • Circulatory Water Expansion Joint

  • M&TE Hot Cal Lab Work

  • Natural Draft Cooling Tower Modifications

  • Turbine Deck Cooling Modifications

  • Dog Bone Replacement

  • Plant Process Computer Upgrade

  • Radical Well Pump Impeller Replacement

  • Chemical Cleaning of SSW

  • Station Battery Replacement

  • Pressurizer Safety Replacement

  • Electrical Maintenance Capital Replacements

  • RCP 2A Seal Replacement

  • Pressurized Heater Replacement

  • Emergency Diesel Generator Performance Monitoring

  • CW-112B Valve Replacement

  • Intake Trash Rake Installation

  • Plant Process Computer Upgrade

  • Seal Steam Generator Support

  • Halon Control Room Upgrades

  • Spent Fuel Pool Clean Up

  • Independent Spent Fuel Storage (ISFISI) Pad Expansion

  • Feedwater Full Flow Filter Modification

  • Cyber Security Optimization

  • Outage Control Center Support

  • Support Replace / Repair of Plant Chiller

  • License Renewal Implementation

  • Procurement Specialist Support Capital Projects

  • Reactor Water Clean Up (RWCU) Heat

  • Reactor Head Flange Mirror Insulation

  • License Renewal Implementation

  • License Renewal Discovery

  • Bullet Resistant Enclosure (BRE) Installation

  • Outage Control Center Support

  • Turbine Deck Cooling Upgrade

  • Security Diesel Replacement

  • Fuel Transfer Upgrade

  • Cyber Security Optimization

  • Feed Water Heater (FWH) Divider Plate Mod

  • Outage Containment Coordination / Management

  • Roof Membrane & Drain Replacement

  • Procurement Specialist Support Capital

  • Main Steam Relief Valve (MSRV) Replacement

MATRIX Provides Project Management Services Around the U.S.

Consistently regarded as one of the top project and program management companies in the nuclear / energy industry;  MATRIX is recognized for our ability to deliver projects SAFELY, ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET. As a fully integrated project management team, we offer services and support in planningoversight, project controls, safety, and quality.

In most competitive industries, success or failure depends on the ability for organizations to expedite initiatives, products or services from early conception through launch. Keeping stakeholders engaged, accountable and on-schedule requires a perceptive Project Management Office (PMO) that can execute efficiently and effectively.

Sound easy, right? Unfortunately, most companies struggle to overcome the challenges of creating and maintaining a first-class Project Management Office (PMO) . The need to diversify, scale or tailor project metrics for each initiave can quickly exceed the in-house abililites of any project management based organization. 

Your answer is MATRIX PMO. No matter the size, we provide our clients with a first-class project management office (PMO) and industry leading project managers, project schedulers, cost controllers, safety managers and more. Every member of our team has an extensive and broad range of experience and utilize PMI best practices. We are passionate about providing our clients with both current and long-term success strategies and creating predictable results that drive project performance.



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