Ensuring project success from concept to delivery


  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Station  |  Port Gibson, MS

  • Arkansas Nuclear One  |  Russellville, AR

  • Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Station  |  Killona, LA

  • River Bend Station  |  St. Francisville, LA

  • Seabrook Station Power Plant  |  Seabrook, NH

  • Dairyland Power Cooperative  |  La Crosse, WI

  • Gavin Power Plant  |  Cheshire, OH

  • James A. FitzPatrick Power Plant  |  Oswego, NY

  • Savannah River Site  |  Aiken, SC

  • Turkey Point Generating Station  |  Homestead, FL


Recent projects we have completed for our clients,

ranging from full scope PMO to client staff augmentation

  • Steam Generator Feed Ring Modification

  • Dry Fuel Storage Campaign

  • Plant Paging System Upgrades

  • License Renewal Discovery

  • BRE Installation

  • Single Point Vulnerability Elimination

  • Radiological Waste Improvements

  • Circulatory Water Expansion Joint

  • M&TE Hot Cal Lab Work

  • Natural Draft Cooling Tower Modifications

  • Turbine Deck Cooling Modifications

  • Dog Bone Replacement

  • Plant Process Computer Upgrade

  • Radical Well Pump Impeller Replacement

  • Chemical Cleaning of SSW

  • Station Battery Replacement

  • Pressurizer Safety Replacement

  • Electrical Maintenance Capital Replacements

  • RCP 2A Seal Replacement

  • Pressurized Heater Replacement

  • Emergency Diesel Generator Performance Monitoring

  • CW-112B Valve Replacement

  • Intake Trash Rake Installation

  • Plant Process Computer Upgrade

  • Seal Steam Generator Support

  • Halon Control Room Upgrades

  • Spent Fuel Pool Clean Up

  • Independent Spent Fuel Storage (ISFISI) Pad Expansion

  • Feedwater Full Flow Filter Modification

  • Cyber Security Optimization

  • Outage Control Center Support

  • Support Replace / Repair of Plant Chiller

  • License Renewal Implementation

  • Procurement Specialist Support Capital Projects

  • Reactor Water Clean Up (RWCU) Heat

  • Reactor Head Flange Mirror Insulation

  • License Renewal Implementation

  • License Renewal Discovery

  • Bullet Resistant Enclosure (BRE) Installation

  • Outage Control Center Support

  • Turbine Deck Cooling Upgrade

  • Security Diesel Replacement

  • Fuel Transfer Upgrade

  • Cyber Security Optimization

  • Feed Water Heater (FWH) Divider Plate Mod

  • Outage Containment Coordination / Management

  • Roof Membrane & Drain Replacement

  • Procurement Specialist Support Capital

  • Main Steam Relief Valve (MSRV) Replacement