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Safety Strategy: Prevention. Detection. Correction.

Prevention. Detection. Correction.

Safety is one of our core principles. We are committed to integrating safety practices into our daily work and personal lives. Entergy emphasizes the use of Prevention, Detection and Correction to manage risk associated with the safe conduct of work. MATRIX fully embraces these practices and implores its’ team to apply PDC as a matter of routine in everything we do.

PREVENTION Prevention is all about anticipating or predicting problems before they happen.

Time invested in preventing problems limits the amount of effort required to

correct problems in a reactive crisis mode, and more importantly represents

the removal of a potential safety incident. Adoption of the Hazard Model is

one way we can prevent incidents through pre-job preparation.

DETECTION Detection involves the timely identification of problems at low levels through

monitoring, observing, detecting trends at a precursor level. Catching trends

at a precursor-level helps to prevent larger scale issues. Utilizing a consistent

method for classifying and trending safety incidents through safety

classification and learning model allow us to detect those trends and act.

CORRECTION Correction is about thoroughly understanding problems in order to resolve them the first time and prevent the same issue from happening again. We have put emphasis on our Corrective Action Program to ensure conditions are fully evaluated, issue tracked and resolved timely, and that appropriate corrective actions are taken. In addition, we have created tools and guidance for contractors to utilize in the event of a safety incident.

A great safety reminder taken from ENTERGY “Partnership in Safety Excellence” Contractor Safety Handbook



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