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MATRIX is proud to announce its recognition as a DOD SkillBridge Program Provider

MATRIX is proud to announce its recognition as a DOD SkillBridge Program Provider, a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to supporting Veterans and our mission to provide exceptional project management services. This partnership holds immense importance for Veterans and our clients alike!

What is the DOD SkillBridge Program? 

The DOD SkillBridge Program is a unique initiative designed to bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment. It allows transitioning service members to gain valuable hands-on experience with civilian employers during the final months of their military service. Participants in the program have the opportunity to apprentice in the MATRIX Work Ready Training Program, enabling them to acquire skills and experience that are highly sought after in the civilian job market.

Why is it Important to Veterans? 

For Veterans, the DOD SkillBridge Program is a vital resource that facilitates a smoother transition into the civilian workforce. It offers several key advantages:

Skill Development: While providing immediate value, Veterans will acquire new skills and enhance existing ones, making them more competitive in their chosen role.

Real-World Experience: The program provides Veterans with real-world work experience, helping them build strong skillsets and establish a long-term career.

Smooth Transition: By participating in SkillBridge, Veterans can begin their civilian career while still receiving military pay and benefits, easing the transition to civilian life.

Job Placement: Successful completion of SkillBridge tied to the MATRIX Work Ready Training Program is designed to provide them job offers, giving Veterans a head start in their post-military careers.



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