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What do SANTA and MATRIX EMPLOYEES have in common?

Did you know that Santa used to work for MATRIX? He was one of the best project managers in the industry! It’s true – ask anyone!

Year after year after, Santa delivers - on Schedule, on budget and within Scope.

Although the scope continues to increase as the number children - naughty or nice - Santa ALWAYS delivers resulting in VERY happy clients. While some think Santa’s only job is to remind everyone about deadlines and to set up status meetings, that’s simply not the case!

At the root of every successful MATRIX project is a MATRIX Project Manager, P6 Scheduler, Estimator, Planner or Field Engineer worth their weight in gold.

Let’s review some project leadership talents that MATRIX employees have in common with jolly old Saint Nick!

  1. Actively listens to understand what customers want and need

  2. Remains accountable to the team and deliverables

  3. Sets clear goals, plans ahead, and meets deadlines

  4. Passionate about the work and spreads positivity

  5. Ability to delegate and empower

  6. Identify potential issues and create a work around plan

  7. Surpasses customer expectations

Is it imperative that your project stay within budget? Is your project schedule so tight that any issue could result in major delays? Do you have investors who want to see REAL project metrics and forecasting? Are you confident that your current baseline budget is accurate and the project plan has every work package included?

Imagine hiring a project management company that has a systematically proven approach that provides instant value and can benefit you as the client.

Have you considered putting MATRIX PMO on your Christmas wish list this year?


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