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About MATRIX: We Value Our MATRIX Family

At MATRIX, people are our greatest asset. We consistently strive to attract the top talent and subject matter experts for the industries we serve. Through our 20 years of experience in project management recruitment, we have developed a streamlined process to recruit, screen, validate, and test our employees, to ensure we hand-select the best team for our client projects.

We recognize that each project has unique challenges, which is why we take an organized approach to “talent matching.” MATRIX ensures that employees are matched to the right role based on project complexity and scope. This method creates the most value for both the client and the employee. The client is presented with a hand-selected team to best support their project, and the employee is placed within the right opportunity to match their ability and skillsets.

When an employee joins the MATRIX team, they become part of the MATRIX family. We are committed to fostering a positive employee experience, to keep them engaged through multiple contracts and projects. We offer non-standard industry benefits and invest in their professional career growth by offering educational reimbursement, training opportunities and PMP certifications.

As a result, each MATRIX employee shares our core values, feels a sense of ownership over his or her position and is equipped to fulfill what their role demands. We truly believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, and value our MATRIX family.

"Working for MATRIX I can say the team environment and collaborative response to questions is above and beyond my past work experiences. Really happy doing what I love with a great team."
"I enjoy working with the project team, we have a good group that will assist when needed and we often discuss issues to get second opinions and concurrence on several issues."

"Good company communications and great employees."

"Working with senior, very experienced peers, with high standards of work ethics and integrity is a pleasure."

"A fantastic company that places high value on their employees."

"MATRIX is an amazing company to work for!"


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