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Employee Spotlight: Kim McLemore

Last July we interviewed Kim McLemore for our MATRIX Monthly

Newsletter. One thing we love about this spotlight is all the amazing things we learn about our employees, including their hobbies and in Kims case, adventures.


What is your position at MATRIX?

I currently work on the Matrix Home Office Team as Accounts Receivable Coordinator.

How long have you been in this industry?

What other industries have you worked in?

I have worked in the construction industry for 19 years with an extensive background in nuclear power. During my career I have been afforded opportunities to work in the waterfront, medical, and civil industries as well. In my “previous life” I received a degree in Elementary Education and taught both second, third, and fourth grades.

Your favorite part of this position?

As I am a very detail-oriented person it is exciting to me that I get to use that skill set daily to excel in my job. I also love that my position allows me the opportunity to engage with and support MATRIX site personnel on almost a daily basis.

What do you most enjoy about the MATRIX team you work with?

That’s easy! I get to see and experience the very diverse and specialized skill sets MATRIX employees possess and feel honored to work with such a group. The fact that we all support and care about each other is an added bonus!

What is one thing you want your team to know about you?

One fun fact about me is thanks to getting to live in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana for many years I developed a passion for both snowmobiling and elk hunting. Snowmobile outings with my husband and our friend took me to many exquisitely beautiful places in MT, WY, and ID where you felt like you were on top of the world. Equally as fun, the adventurous elk hunts with my husband, family, and friends has taken me deep into some of the most remote places in the contiguous United States.

Words of advice to those new to MATRIX & this industry?

My words of advice to those new to MATRIX and to this industry would be to continually work towards mastering the skill of versatility. In this industry we constantly have to be aware of and adjust to our surroundings. Additionally, never stop pushing yourself to learn and to try new things. Welcome stepping out of your comfort zone!



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